I provide consulting services and expertise as a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Full-stack Development, Digital Transformation, Engineering Management and Software Development in Cybersecurity Expert. If you're seeking valuable input and guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. I offer assistance with your projects and organisational processes. With a proven track record, I have helped numerous companies in designing and implementing successful solutions, as evidenced by the testimonials.

I share my expertise in various areas:

  • Software development

I provide help and expertise in implementing Machine Learning strategies into product development. Additionally, I teach skills and share knowledge in Node.js, JavaScript, Python, full-stack development and AWS. I specialize in startup technologies, system design, and architecture. I also have a track record in engineering management, being a leader of multiple software development teams.

  • Current cybersecurity solutions and the UK Software Development landscape

At a UK cybersecurity startup I manage a cross-functional team focused on creating and maintaining services related to cybersecurity and bot management. Thanks to being engaged in the project via a Private Equity focused consultancy, I am familiar with important intricacies of due diligence and investment.

  • Management and agile structures

At a UK cybersecurity startup I introduced a management framework including career guidelines, engineering values and mentoring programmes. I provide expertise in implementing agile methodology, as a way of enhancing impact, responding to dynamic market shifts, and achieving optimal project outcomes.

  • AI solutions and Digital Transformation

As a CEO and Product Manager at sentimatic I created an AI product which analyzes sentiment and content of conversations with clients in the call centers. I help companies leverage and implement the latest AI solutions that improve their customer service and increase efficiency and agility of business processes

  • DACH IT landscape, with a particular focus on the German market

For the statistical office project in Germany I provided consultations and helped spearhead the development of software tools to assist government organizations in the equitable distribution of funds among municipalities.

  • Cloud adaptation and Cloud Computing

I gathered experience as a tech lead, software engineer and product owner for biotech services projects. I help companies expand Cloud services capabilities through investments and collaborations.


Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous clients. Take a moment to have a look at recommendations that provide valuable insights into my working relationships and experience.




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